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Our dedicated space to share just things we love. It's a shout out to chefs who we follow & inspire us, dishes we love to eat, and the cookbooks we have tried & tested. We also share our favourite food produce, where to source them in and around London. Tell us what you love!

My Kitchen Essentials

Find out what herbs and spices I use on a regular basis in both my personal kitchen and professional kitchen.

Sharing Platters for every kind of party

Sharing is the best way to enjoy a dinner party or for any occasion. Here we help get you started on how to create your own.

​Balaboosta - Funny Mediterranean cookbook

Ba- la - boo - stay (n) literally means a perfect housewife (Yiddish) This is what really attracted me to this chef & author of this book. I was…

​Bokja design - Furniture designer from Lebanon

We are in love with this designer BokjaDesign, the re use old fabrics and upholster classics like the Eames chair. We recently commissioned a table…

Coffee Table Mezze - Perfect for quick get together with freinds

Perfect for when you don't have time to prepare dinner but need something more filling then snacks. This is the perfect menu to share with close…

Food of Life - by Najmieh Batmanglij

This is the bible of Persian Cooking. This was given to me as a gift even before I started out as a chef. It celebrates both the ancient persian &…

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Take a peek at what we do. There will more videos to come, showing recipes and other great tips on creating a great dinner party.

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